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The Physiotherapy Department is part of Allied Health at SK Soni Hospital and operates across all clinical areas.

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Physiotherapy management is provided for the following conditions

Acute and chronic musculoskeletal disability and dysfunction
Cardiorespiratory dysfunction
Central Nervous System trauma and disease
Congenital physical dysfunction
Geriatric and aged conditions
HIV-related conditions
Neurological/Neurosurgical conditions
Oncology and Palliative Care-related conditions
Peripheral Nervous System trauma and disease
Physical mobility impairment
Post surgical conditions at risk of developing respiratory complications
Rheumatologic conditions
Surgical, congenital and traumatic orthopaedic conditions

Other services

Provision of cast application, cast removal and application of braces and splints
Education of patients, relatives, Medical, Allied Health and Nursing staff, Physiotherapy students, medical students and overseas trained physiotherapists
Organisation of physiotherapy discharge and referral for inpatients
Prescription, supply and maintenance of mobility aides and equipment required for patients
Management of staff related work injuries

Inpatient services

Emergency Department
Cardiothoracic Surgery Ward/ Thoracic Medicine and Heart / Lung Transplant Unit
Coronary Care Unit
Intensive Care/ Critical Care
Orthopaedics/ Rheumatology/ Urology Ward
HIV/ AIDS / Immunology and Gastroenterology Ward
ENT & Head& Neck Surgery/ Plastic Surgery & Gastro surgical Ward
Renal / Oncology / Haematology Ward
Neurology / Neurosurgery / Vascular Ward
Aged Care
Day Stay Unit
Palliative Care Unit
Rehabilitation Unit

Outpatient / ambulatory care services
Hospital Ambulatory Care Clinics e.g. Fracture Clinic, Cardiac Surgery pre-op clinic
Community / General Outpatients (Musculoskeletal)
Community Palliative Care patients
Palliative Care Outpatients
HIV / AIDS Outpatients
Cardiothoracic Outpatients
Rehabilitation Outpatients

Exercise rehabilitation is provided to outpatients from
Heart/ Lung Transplant
Cardiac Rehabilitation
Pulmonary Rehabilitation
Immunology B
General Musculoskeletal Outpatients

Physiotherapists working in Sacred Heart provide inpatient and outpatient physiotherapy services to Palliative Care and Rehabilitation patients.
Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Department
The department is committed to the initiation, promotion, execution and dissemination of high quality treatment of all aspects of treatment & rehabilitative services. It provides conservative treatment methods addressing the treatment, healing and prevention of injuries and disabilities. It also focuses primarily, but not solely, on pain relief, promoting healing, restoring function and movement, facilitation and adaptation associated with injury. Other areas that are focused within Physiotherapy are ergonomic (body mechanic) training, Fitness/wellness, and especially education.

A Qualified, dedicated, and motivated physiotherapists work in a wide area of settings like orthopedics, paediatrics, neurological diseases, stroke recovery, cardiothoracic surgeries, occupational health, ergonomics, and care of elderly to rehabilitate and restore patients to near pre-ailment sate. Equipped with state-of-the-art electro-therapeutic equipments, exercise unit, the department caters to both inpatients as well as outpatients and provides personal attention in a friendly environment at economical rates.
Facilities and Services available
Six Days Out-Patient Consultation 
Microwave Diathermy
Electric stimulation
Shoulder Wheel
Manual Traction Set
Traction machine with multipurpose table
Advance techniques of Manual therapy & Manipulation
Initial evaluation with exercises
Electronic Lumber and Cervical Traction
Soft tissue mobilization and manipulation
Trigger point therapy
Fitness consultation
Ergonomic advice
Short-wave diathermy (SWD)
Ultrasound therapy machine
TENS (Transcutaneous Electric Nerve Stimulation)
Static Cycle (Exgometer)
Wax bath machine
Chest vibrator
Cold Compression Therapy
Supervised Exercises for 20 minutes & 1 hour
Interferential Therapy
Joint mobilization and manipulation
Relaxation therapy
Gait analysis and gait training
Training schedules for sportsmen and sportswomen