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Okay MRI Center

Okay Diagnostic MRI Center

In association with Okay Diagnostic, Jaipur’s leading Diagnostic Center, S.K. Soni Hospital has the latest Siemens Avanto Series 1.5 Tesla MRI worth 5 crores. This MRI with flow study capabilities enhance the already Number 1 Neurosciences and Trauma services at S.K. Soni Hospital.

The scanner, a 1.5 Tesla Discovery, was installed in February 2008. Equipped with the most powerful gradients found in the industry, new water-cooled gradient amplifier and 64-bit data pipeline with dual blade processing. Custom pulse sequences are developed using GE's EPIC software development package. Brain imaging studies (MRI, structural and DTI) are done using either a quadrature birdcage coil, 8-channel array head coil, 16-channel array head coil, or 32-channel array head coil.

Visual stimulation can be delivered by using an advanced fiber optic goggle system (Avotec), the high resolution Visuastim XGA system (Resonance Technology), or using back-projection with an LCD projector and a screen at the end of the table. The Avotec fiber optic goggles are interfaced with SensoMotoric Instruments eye-tracking system (sampling rate of 50 HZ). This eye-tracking system yields four different analyses: percentage analysis, pictorial analysis, order of object vs. time, and pupil diameter vs. time.

Auditory stimulus is presented using a pneumatic headphone system (Avotec). All auditory stimuli are presented through a digital equalizer that is optimized for tone and clarity.

Stabilizing patients to minimize head movement is critical for MRI studies. The lab has two head stabilizing methods: vacuum pillow, and foam inserts.