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Forensic Medicine
Department of Forensic Medicine of SK Soni Hospital looks after the Medico-Legal work of the Hospital, conducts Post-Mortem examination, and imparts Medico-Legal training to doctors and teaching to Post-Graduate students and Interns, along with other related scientific activities.

The Department has two main wings:
Post-Mortem Section.
Clinical Medico-Legal Section.

Post Mortem Section:

This section deals with conducting Post-Mortem examination on Medico-Legal death cases brought to the Hospital as brought-dead or dying in wards. Post Mortem examinations are conducted during working hours of the hospital on all the days round the year, including holidays and Sundays as per notified times and schedule.

Clinical Medico-Legal Section:

This wing deals with clinical Medico-Legal cases attended to in SKS Hospital whether in the Casualty, Wards, or referred from other hospitals and under orders of Hon'able Courts or State Government.This Department constantly supervises the Medico-Legal work of the Hospital and guides and provides expert opinion in different types of Medico-Legal cases/situations.Regular training and guidance is provided to the Doctors of this Hospital who are posted in Casualty every month.This Department also undertakes periodic scrutiny of final disposal of injury reports by the hospital doctors in order to get the reports prepared in time and delivery of the reports to the police without delay.

Manpower Deployment:

Senior Specialist and HOD . Medical Officers- One
Senior Resident- One
Medical Record Clerk- One
Lab.- Technician- One
SK/PM Attendants- One
Peon- One